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We proudly serve schools

Many schools are now using iPads and other electronic gadgets within their school system. When these devices are broken, it's usually more cost effective to repair than to replace. Most schools have an IT related department or staff that is capable of performing the necessary repairs. Common fixes include cracked screen repairs and battery replacements. GadgetMenders provides the necessary parts, tools and detailed video instructions to complete such repairs.

Payment options and discounts

GadgetMenders works with many schools throughout the United States from coast to coast. We understand that most school systems use an ordering method known as a purchase order or PO. PO's are an accepted form of payment, as are credit card, debit card and PayPal. GadgetMenders values education and realizes that school budgets have become tight over the years. We are proud to announce that we now offer school discounts.

How to order

The ordering process is simple and can be completed through our website or by email for larger orders and PO's. Contact us here for more details or to become a valued customer.

Question: Do you accept purchase orders also known as POs?
"Yes, GadgetMenders understands that many schools order by this method. Credit card, debit card and PayPal are also accepted forms of payment."
Question: Is there a minimum order amount?
"No. Although, we prefer PO orders to be over $200.00 USD there is no minimum order amount."
Question: For a PO, will my order ship before or after payment is received?
"For PO orders your order will usually ship right away. For larger orders or first time customers, we may require receipt of check prior to shipment."
Question: How do I place an order?
"PO order must be made by email. You can contact us through our contact form for details. PayPal, CC, or debit card orders can be placed directly through our website. You will need to contact us for your coupon code."
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